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Experience the Robata Grill, a highlight during of our Wagyu Buffet at Katsura Japanese Cuisine on 23rd & 24th August. 

Private Dining Experience 

Book your event with Katsura and Experience Authentic Japanese style 

Packages starts from $160

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Auckland's best Japanese Restaurant



Authentic Japanese Cuisine


Seasonally inspired, locally sustainable, and culturally infused.

With the perfect mix of Japanese authenticity and a contemporary approach, Katsura Japanese Cuisine offers innovative dishes with an emphasis on showcasing the best local seafood, seasonal produce, and genuine hospitality that New Zealand has to offer.

Offering a truly immersive dining experience, book an evening at one of our Teppanyaki tables for a front-row seat to our talented chefs preparing your meal with the exciting techniques of Teppanyaki style cooking. Or for a casual but just as captivating experience, grab a seat at our raw bar while our chefs showcase skill and expertise while creating fresh Sashimi and Sushi. Pair that with our passionate, attentive service and you’re in for a memorable experience, sure to top the list of favourites.

Inspired by Japan, cultivated in New Zealand.

“Dōzo Omeshiagarikudasai”

Hibachi Steak
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