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Auckland's Best Teppanyaki Restaurant

We focus on presenting fresh local ingredients paired with the highest quality Japanese products, prepared with energy and passion.

From local growers to sustainable fish suppliers and innovative

wine and beer producers.


Our menus are the perfect fusion of New Zealand and

Japanese tradition, creativity, and expertise.


Located between Osaka and Nagano lies Gifu, Japan. Both a prefecture and city, set amongst traditional mountain villages is where head chef, Akihiro Nakamura was raised. With over 25 years of culinary background, going above and beyond for the guest is his first priority, closely followed by continually developing his skills and knowledge. Aki finds passion in offering an authentic Japanese experience by using the best and highest quality ingredients. With ambition and enthusiasm, Aki’s goal is to develop Katsura Restaurant into the best Japanese offering in New Zealand. And after a hard day’s work is complete – Aki reflects with a brilliant glass of NZ wine and his second favorite cuisine, Italian.



With a passion for sincere Kiwi hospitality and dedicated to delivering outstanding experiences, Kanako Imai proudly leads the Front of House team at Katsura. Beginning her career working in a Ryokan in the Mie prefecture of Japan, Kanako continually emphasizes offering impeccable Omotenashi. Always eager to gain perspective and offer insight, Kanako expresses “I have a passion to continue learning, teaching, and sharing my experiences with guests”. Forwarding that spirit into her spare time, Kanako can be found indulging in the laid-back mood and atmosphere on Waiheke Island – taking in the beach, wineries, and most importantly the seafood. Which is exactly where Kanako will send you on the menu for recommendations; towards any of the beautiful, fresh seafood and shellfish currently on offer.

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